When you’re planning a portrait photography session, one of the most difficult tasks is picking out the location. This is especially true when you live in a beautiful state like Colorado. It can be overwhelming because there are thousands of wonderful photography locations throughout the state. If you’re looking for photography spots between Denver and Colorado Springs, continue reading for 3 Castle Rock photography location ideas.

1. Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail

To begin, Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail is one of the best locations for portraits in Castle Rock. Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail is located to the west of Interstate 25, about 15 minutes from downtown Castle Rock. This natural open space covers just under 1,000 acres and includes several miles of hiking trails. It consists of forested areas and meadows, which are both great for photo opportunities.

For obvious reasons, the open space is a popular spot for Colorado family portraits. Photographers can capture several family members gathered together in the meadows, while still getting the natural beauty of Dawson Butte in the background. In addition to family photos, this location is great for couple portraits, maternity sessions, and graduation pictures.

Dawson Butte Castle Rock photography location ideas.

2. Downtown Castle Rock

Downtown is another great Castle Rock photography location. Luckily, downtown Castle Rock is relatively small. Therefore, it's easy to walk to several different photography spots in a short amount of time. Just past the breweries and coffee shops, there are several locations along Wilcox Street that are great for portraits.

One of the most interesting photography spots in downtown is a colorful wall mural. The mural is located along Wilcox Street in an alley between Castle Rock Music and Castle Cafe. The mural features bright orange and yellow paint, which will add a pop of color to your photos. Another photo spot is Festival Park, which is located just a little further down. The park is a landscaped public space, providing wonderful urban backgrounds for portraits.

Although downtown Castle Rock is small, it can be hard to take pictures of larger groups of people in certain areas. Therefore, it's best suited for photo sessions with a couple of people or less. Downtown Castle Rock is great for couple photos, senior pictures, and solo portraits.

Individual portraits by Castle Rock photographer Sara Turbyfill.

3. Rock Park

The final Castle Rock photography location on the list is none other than Rock Park. Rock Park is home to the famous rock formation that bears the same name as the town. When passing through Castle Rock on Interstate 25, it’s hard to miss this giant rock formation that sits up on a hill. Rock Park is about a 2 minute drive from downtown Castle Rock.

Like Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space Trail, Rock Park covers a larger area. Rock Park consists of 62 acres of land and includes a short hiking trail. The views from the start of the trail are great for capturing the Castle Rock formation in the background. If you’re up for a short hike, you can climb to the top of Castle Rock for pictures with a bird's-eye view of the city and surrounding area.

Rock Park is a great location for pictures with small to medium sized groups of people. Because of the open space, photographers can comfortably position people for their pictures without having to worry about blocking the trail or stepping off the pathway. This spot is also ideal for couple portraits, individual photos, or graduation pictures.

Rock Park Castle Rock photography location ideas.

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To conclude, Castle Rock has a handful of wonderful portrait photography locations. Dawson Butte, downtown Castle Rock, and Rock Park are 3 of the most popular photography spots in the area. Regardless of the time of year, you’re bound to walk away with stunning portraits from any of these locations.

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