Planning a portrait photography session is no easy feat. Whether you're having high school graduation photos taken or you're planning a surprise proposal, you'll need to make several decisions during the planning process. For instance, you'll need to decide what to wear, when you want your photos taken, and what props you'd like to bring with you if any. One of the most important decisions you'll need to make is where the photo session will take place. If you're interested in having portraits taken in Colorado, here's a list of some of the best portrait photography locations in Denver. All locations are within a 45-minute drive from downtown.

1. Denver Tech Center

First on the list is the Denver Tech Center or DTC. The DTC is located about 30 minutes from downtown Denver and is an excellent portrait photography location if you're looking for an urban setting. Located on roughly 850 acres, the Denver Tech Center offers a unique landscape with beautiful gardens and fascinating architecture.

Because the DTC is full of business people hustling to and from work during the week, it's rather empty on the weekends. Therefore, it's optimal for individual portraits or graduation photos on the weekends. Unlike many other photography locations in Denver, you can escape the crowd when having your portraits taken at the DTC on the weekend.

Senior portrait photography in the Denver Tech Center by Sara Turbyfill.

2. Lookout Mountain

Another photography location near Denver is Lookout Mountain. Depending on traffic, Lookout Mountain is located about 30 minutes from downtown Denver. Like many other photography locations in the state, Lookout Mountain has wonderful mountain views. And the best part is, you don't have to hike a far distance to capture photos with the mountains in the background. In fact, there's a clearing located next to the parking lot that's perfect for photos.

It's important to note that Lookout Mountain is also a popular tourist destination. As a result, it can get crowded on the weekends and during the summer and fall months. Lookout Mountain is popular for family portraits because you can capture beautiful mountain views without having to walk a far distance. This is especially helpful when little ones are tagging along.

Lookout Mountain is one of many Denver photography locations.

3. Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre

This list of Denver photography locations wouldn't be complete without mentioning Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre. Red Rocks is located just 30 minutes from Denver, making it a popular tourist destination for out-of-towners. This iconic park is highly sought after by couples visiting the area and is often used as the backdrop for proposals.

Obviously, Red Rocks also doubles as a concert venue. Therefore, it's imperative that you check for any conflicting events before planning your photo session. If you'd like to have your portraits taken at Red Rocks, be sure to talk with your photographer. They will make sure to address your concerns about any conflicts and plan your session so that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Engagement photos at Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre by Sara Turbyfill.

4. SLoan's Lake

In addition to to the Denver photography locations mentioned above, Sloan's Lake is another option. Sloan's Lake is located about 15 minutes from downtown, making it one of the easiest commutes on the list. This location is perfect for photographing multiple people at once, including couples and families.

Regardless of the time of year, the views from Sloan's Lake are always stunning. When taking pictures here, you can create images with the lake and buildings while also capturing the mountains in the background. Please note that the sidewalk at Sloan's Lake is commonly used as a walking and workout loop. Therefore, be sure to step away from the pathway when taking photos.

Sloan's Lake is another photography location in Denver.

5. Washington Park

Finally, the last photography location on the list is Washington Park, also referred to as Wash Park. Wash Park is located about 20 minutes from Denver, making it easily accessible to those living in the city. This photography location is great for solo portraits and graduation photos.

There are 2 ponds within Wash Park which both create beautiful backdrops for individual portraits. The park has trees and colorful gardens located throughout which can also be used to create stunning portraits. Like Sloan's Lake, people use the loop at Wash Park to workout. Be cautious when taking photos here so that you don't disturb those passing by.

College graduation photos at Washington Park by Sara Turbyfill Photography.

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In conclusion, there’s a lot that goes into planning a portrait photography session. You’ll have to make a handful of decisions, like what to wear and when you want your pictures taken. Picking out your photography location, however, doesn’t have to be difficult. The list above features 5 photography locations in Denver to help get you started. Each location is unique in its own way so you have a variety of options to pick from. For more photography location ideas, check out 10 Beautiful Places to Go in Denver That Locals Rave About.

If you’re ready to speak with a Colorado portrait photographer, I’d be happy to help. My name is Sara Turbyfill and I’m a full-service photographer specializing in couples, families, and graduating seniors. For more information about my services or if you’d like to get in touch, click the button below to contact me. I’d love to discuss your options during a complimentary consultation.