There are several things to consider when planning a photography session as a couple. For instance, you'll need to select a date, pick out your outfits, and find a location for your session. Another important part of the planning process is picking out poses that you and your partner will do during the session. If you're struggling to come up with poses for your session, here are 5 photography pose ideas for couples.

1. Dancing Together

First on the list is dancing or pretending to dance. Dancing with your partner creates an intimate yet relaxed setting with your significant other. While the two of you are busy dancing about, your photographer can capture candid photos of you and your partner in a natural setting.

To take it a step further, your portrait photographer can help direct you and your partner. They may recommend that one of you looks directly at the camera, while the other person looks to their partner. Your photographer my then reverse the poses or have you both look into each other’s eyes. Depending on the emotion the photographer is trying to convey, they can direct you and your partner to move into various poses. 

Couples photography poses by Sara Turbyfill Photography.

2. Hands UP Close

Another option on the list of photography pose ideas for couples is taking pictures of your hands up close. This is especially useful for couples who just got engaged or are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Your photographer can focus in on you and your partner's hands, while still capturing the details of your engagement ring or wedding band.

Even if you aren't celebrating an engagement or wedding anniversary, your photographer may still want to take pictures of you and your partner's hands. By taking pictures of your hands up close, your photographer can create sentimental images that you can cherish as you grow old together.

Holding your significant other's hands during your photo session can also help reduce anxiety. If you're feeling anxious during your portrait session, holding your partner's hand will make you feel more relaxed. It can help loosen you up so you feel comfortable throughout the remainder of your session.

Hands up close Colorado engagement photography by Sara Turbyfill.

3. Looking Into Each Other's Eyes

In addition to the couples photography poses listed above, another option is to look directly into your partner's eyes. While looking at each other, your portrait photographer can capture authentic pictures of you and your partner. These types of pictures are often referred to as candid photos because the subjects aren't looking directly at the camera.

Like holding your partner’s hands, looking directly at each other during your session can help alleviate any anxiety you might be feeling. Looking at your partner provides a temporary distraction because you won’t have to worry about holding a smile or pose for your photographer. While your photographer snaps away, you can have mini conversations or try to make each other laugh. This creates a relaxed environment where you both feel comfortable acting as you normally would without a photographer present.

Couples photography poses by Colorado portrait photographer Sara Turbyfill.

4. Side By Side

Next on the list of photography pose ideas for couples is standing side by side. There are several ways to pose when standing next to your partner. Your photographer may recommend positioning you and your partner in a variety of ways. If you have any recommendations of your own, be sure to bring these up with your photographer as well.

When posing next to one another, the options are endless. For example, you can stand next to each other while holding hands. You may also hold each other in a loose hug while posing together. Or you can stand next to your partner while one partner places their hand on their partner's chest. Whatever poses you decide on, remember that the goal of posing together is to create authentic images where you and your significant other both feel comfortable.

Couple posing side by side in Golden, Colorado for portraits.

5. Twirling

Finally, twirling around with your partner is the last on the couples photography poses list. Whether you just eloped in the mountains or you're celebrating your wedding anniversary, your photographer can capture magical moments while you twirl around with your partner.

As you spin each other around naturally, you won't have to worry too much about posing. Your photographer will be there to capture candid photos of you and your partner at just the right moment. After a few spins around, you'll surely walk away with memories of this happy moment that you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

Twirling photography pose ideas for couples by Sara Turbyfill.

Speak with a Colorado Couples Photographer

In conclusion, there are hundreds of great photography pose ideas for couples. However, the list above includes 5 of the most common poses, including dancing together, hands up close, looking into each other’s eyes, side by side, and twirling. As you made your way through the list of pose recommendations above, hopefully, you feel more confident for your couples portrait session.

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