Bringing new life into the world is something to celebrate. As new parents, hiring a professional photographer to take portraits of your newborn is one of the best ways to commemorate this special moment. By working with a professional photographer, you'll have the option to create beautiful custom artwork pieces and heirloom photo albums featuring photos of your baby. Finding and hiring a professional photographer, however, can be overwhelming. If you're not sure where to start, continue reading for 5 questions to ask your Colorado newborn photographer.

1. Where Should the Newborn Photo Session Take Place?

Before working with a newborn photographer in Colorado, one of the first questions you need to ask is where the photo session should take place. If you're working with a photographer that has a studio, they may suggest you come in to have the photos taken there. Studios are great because they give photographers more control over props and lighting.

Your home is another option. Having photos taken in the comfort of your home provides a safe space for your newborn baby. It helps eliminate the stress of having to pack up and travel to a photography studio. By holding the photo session at your home, you'll have access to everything you need. Also, it will be much easier to change your baby into different outfits if desired.

Whether you decide to have your newborn photos taken in a studio or at home is entirely up to you. Before making a decision, be sure to discuss your options with a professional photographer.

Newborn photography in Castle Rock, Colorado.

2. When is the Best Time of Day for Newborn Portraits?

Second to discussing the photography location, you’ll want to ask your photographer when the best time of day is for newborn portraits. Because babies tend to sleep throughout the day, it’s best to take newborn portraits in the morning or early afternoon. This is especially helpful if you have other young children that you’d like to feature in the photos as well.

Another important thing to consider is sunlight. If you’re having newborn portraits taken at home, then odds are you will need to rely on natural light. If that’s the case, then you will definitely want to take photos in the morning or early afternoon to ensure enough sunlight will filter through the windows. If you’re having newborn photos taken in a studio with professional lighting, the time of day is less important. It will ultimately depend on the photographer’s availability.

Portraits by Colorado newborn photographer Sara Turbyfill.

3. WHat Can We use for a Backdrop?

Another important question to ask your Colorado newborn photographer is what you can use as a backdrop for the photos. If you’re having the photos taken in a studio, the photographer will most likely have several backdrops to choose from. However, if you’re having photos taken at home it’s best to ask what your photographer prefers.

There are several items that can be used for backdrops. Blankets are one of the most commonly used props for backdrops. Fuzzy blankets work best because they provide a solid background and add texture to the photos. You can also use various furniture pieces as backdrops. Chairs, sofas, and ottomans work great as photography props and can be used as backdrops for your newborn photos.

For the best results, be sure to consult with your photographer. Even if you’re having portraits taken at home, your photographer may have backdrops they can bring with them to your photo session.

Children portraits by Sara Turbyfill.

4. Do You Have Any recommendations On Poses?

In addition to the questions above, you should also ask your Colorado newborn photographer for pose recommendations. As an experienced professional, your photographer should be able to provide you with a variety of different posing options. Some pose recommendations will depend on the age of your newborn baby to ensure your baby is fully comfortable.

If you’re having newborn photos taken with your family, your photographer may suggest getting individual  photos of each family member holding the baby. Another creative pose is to take a close up of everyone holding the baby’s hand. The options are endless.

Before your session, you can also check out platforms like Pinterest for newborn portrait posing ideas. You can bring your ideas to your photographer and ask them for their opinion on the poses you should use. The most important thing is to make sure everyone in the photo is comfortable, especially the baby.

Portraits by Colorado newborn photographer Sara Turbyfill.

5. What Photography Products Do You Recommend?

Finally, the last thing you should discuss with your photographer is what photography products they recommend. This question is one that often gets overlooked when hiring a photographer; however, it’s one of the most important. Beyond the digital files, you’ll want to talk with your photographer about the different artwork pieces and photo albums available.

If you work with a boutique photographer, they will have a full list of photography products to offer. Products can range from small prints and photo books to large gallery wrapped canvases and heirloom photo albums. Ordering custom products featuring photos of your newborn will help you celebrate this moment forever.

Although ordering products is not required, it’s a great way to ensure you can preserve these memories throughout the years. If you’re interested in ordering custom products, be sure to ask your photographer what products are available.

Baby portraits by Sara Turbyfill Photography.

Are You Ready to Hire a Colorado Newborn Photographer?

In conclusion, hiring a Colorado newborn photographer can be a challenge. To help make the hiring process go as smoothly as possible and ensure you end up with the right photographer, it’s important to ask questions. The 5 questions listed above can help you plan your newborn photo session and pick out the right photographer.

After reading this far, hopefully you’re more prepared to hire a newborn photographer in Colorado. If so, my name is Sara Turbyfill and I’m a boutique photographer located in Parker, Colorado. I specialize in a variety of areas, including Colorado newborn portraits. To learn more about the services I offer, click the button below to schedule a time to discuss your options during a complimentary photography consultation.